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May 11
Cruisin’ #themaggieshow #love #beautifulday #dog #beach #drive #copilot

Cruisin’ #themaggieshow #love #beautifulday #dog #beach #drive #copilot

Mar 06

Maybe I’m an asshole…

…but listen.

So i’m sitting, minding my own business, waiting for class to resume, and I hear this kid (who was taking this particular class for the third time) say:

"Yeah, I just gotta get a C, I gotta keep my GPA above a 2.5.  Look, all you gotta do to get through is show up to class. I don’t study or any of that shit… you just gotta show up"

Now understand that I was a C student my first run through college… I graduated with right around a 2.5 gpa.  But I was a Molecular Biology major.  And an athlete.  I ate, slept (occasionally), went to class and went to softball.  I busted my ass for those C’s.  It was hard.  I wasn’t just coasting and “just showing up” so that I would pass.  So you can say that I shouldn’t judge him, but, I never repeated a class, I worked hard for what I got.  It was different. At least I think it is.

I couldn’t help but laugh, when I heard it, because I was so blown away.  Truthfully, it kind of made me want to cry… and sometimes you just either laugh or cry.  I laughed. So sue me.

Maybe the kid doesn’t love what we’re doing.  Maybe he doesn’t know how to be driven.  Maybe he doesn’t care that his constant tardiness and his poor attitude and bad grades will be reflected in his reccomendations, his resume … his knowledge at the end of his course of study, his job and his success at that job.  But jesus.  I’m glad I wasn’t part of the conversation.

I think my 3.95 GPA and my attitude about his third-time-through-the-rotary would have maybe made me a little bit of an asshole if anyone had asked what I thought.

Maybe I am an asshole.  But come on.  I bust my ass every day in my kitchen (professionally, where I work) and I bust my ass every sunday in their kitchen (as a student), I do my homework, I study for quizzes.  I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.  Maybe it’s just because I have serious passion for what I’m doing now.  Maybe that’s the difference.

I dunno.  Another asshole comment coming your way, but it’s the truth of how I feel (and the truth is always better than lies):  I hope to god I’m more successful than this kid… otherwise there is no justice in the world.